Charles [Charli] Battersby is a playwright, screenwriter, actor, model, game designer, and journalist.

Charles is known for writing the plays The Astonishing Adventures of All-American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk, and That Cute Radioactive Couple. Charles is the screenwriter and co-creator of the animated webseries The Storyteller: Fallout.


Charles has written about video games, theater, and LGBT topics for sites including Chelsea, Venturebeat, NYC Community MediaComplex, and Joystiq.

Charles founded the organization PressXY which addresses transgender issues in video games, and moderates a series of panels on Transgender themes in comic books.





An article I wrote for Chelsea Now about local political groups preparing for the midterm elections.





An article I wrote about the New York Comic Con, and its growing pains.




I wrote a fun article on the trend of Instagram “Pop up Shops”. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Read it on




I competed in the 2018 Miss Subways pageant! I won Miss Congeniality. Read about the event on Bedford & Bowery. and in The Gothamist. My talent was Video Game Design.




For the Miss Subways pageant, my talent was Video Game Design. I made a 5 minute demo of a game for the pageant. You can play it for free right in your browser. HERE.




I was interviewed in the Fall Fashion issue of NY Magazine’s The Cut! See the “Who do they think she is” feature.





I joined a Cheerleading team called Cheer New York. I wrote an article about the experience. Read it here.




I played a role on the Season 4 premiere of Broad City! My scene starts 6 minutes in.


I am currently writing a humorous fantasy RPG for Choice of Games. More information coming soon!


Fallout: Brotherhood: I wrote most of the dialog and Narrative Design for this Fallout 4 mod by Shoddycast. It features voicework by Mark Meer (Commander Shepard from “Mass Effect”). Here’s a trailer (Email me for a video of the playable mod in action):

Fallout 4: Wasteland Codex: I wrote the upcoming “Bost-Apocalytic Walking Tour” mission for this mod, as well as several of the codex entries. Download it here.


I was in the New York Comic Con”s Eastern Championships Of Cosplay 2017! Check out my Cinderella / Belle mash-up at 18 minutes in:


Issue number 4 of the comic book Crosswind be Gail Simone has an interview with me about transgender comic book characters! It’s also in the trade paperback.




The humor book I wrote with my wife is now available on Kindle. Grab your ebook copy of Close your Legs. I want to Sit Down!: A Guide to Subway Etiquette.