Charles Battersby UPCOMING EVENTS

I’ll be performing at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on April 26th & 27th in their Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival.

My new play The Astonishing Adventures of All American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk will premiere this June in New York City in the Brick Theater’s Comic Book Theater Festival.



My play That Cute Radioactive Couple had a reading at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston on April 11th.

Press XY presented a new panel at the Penny Arcade Expo East.

Writer/Actor/ Game Designer/ Theater Critic

I am the creator of Theater For Nerds, the only website dedicated to nerdy theater, and I write about video games for several sites.

As a playwright I am known for sTopless Go-Go Girls at the Troll Hole, a farce about S&M, the post-apocalyptic romantic comedy That Cute Radioactive Couple, and the upcoming show The Astonishing Adventures of All American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk. I also write the bi-weekly Fallout Lore webseries for Shoddycast.

I also founded Press XY, an organization that presents talks and panels on transgender issues in video games.

You can find all of my latest writing compiled at my WordPress Blog.