The Astonishing Adventures of All-American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk

“Turn up the radio and get your decoder rings ready! Astonishing Adventures is a pulse-pounding tale of romance, comedy and action! Thrill to the adventures of All American Girl and her plucky sidekick The Scarlet Skunk as they wage a two-fisted battle against injustice! Is post-war America ready for a Lady Crime-fighter and a cross-dressing vigilante? Will they find love on the rooftops of New York City? Find out in a tale unlike anything you have witnessed before!”


Astonishing 14

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“I mustn’t forget to mentioned the heart that shines through in this piece too. While the show’s affection for superheroes is clear, it also takes time out of its day to be about something substantial.”  Thomas Burns Scully


“Far from your average superhero tale” “A nuanced character study” Emily Gawlak


“A super observation made powerful because it flows from the glossy red lips of a man who champions the right to present himself as a woman”

Scott Stiffler Chelsea Now



Interview with Playwright / Director Charles Battersby the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Read an interview with Charles Battersby on

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Another interview with Charles Battersby about Astonishing Adventures on Theater In The Now.


Editors’ Pick – The Brooklyn Paper.











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Make-up and nail decals for the 2016 production provided by Espionage Cosmetics.