Guide to Subway Etiquette

Close Your Legs,  I Want To Sit Down:
A Guide To Subway Etiquette
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subway Etiquette“When the New York City subway system was installed in 1904, it was a time when dignity, chivalry, and courtesy were integral to society.  Over the course of the 20th Century, the technology for moving large groups of strangers around the city has improved tremendously but,  unfortunately, those large groups of strangers haven’t learned to interact with each other any more efficiently.

While it may have been second nature for a 19th Century gentleman to give up his seat to a lady, or an eldster, or a one-legged Chimney Sweep, it seems that modern subway riders need a bit of guidance.

In “Close Your Legs…” you will find dozens of handy tips to better get along with your fellow IRT riders.  If, on the other hand, you have impeccable subway manners yourself, then you’ll also find this book useful for correcting the behavior of those joining you in your commute.  Use it well, and remember to always give up your seat to those one-legged Chimney Sweeps.” – Charles & Elizabeth Battersby

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