Kongor The Barbarian: In The Year 2,000

Kongor The Barbarian: In The Year 2,000 is a humorous, narrative RPG that allows players to control the savage warrior Kongor, or the Amazon princess Sheezon, as they travel from the barbaric past to the futuristic year 2,000!
The story, setting, and graphics incorporate elements of traditional fantasy settings, as well as post- apocalyptic science fiction. Major fantasy inspirations include Conan the Barbarian, She-Ra, HP Lovecrafts Cthulhu mythos, Xena, Buck Rogers, and Wonder Woman. Sci-fi and apocalyptic inspirations include Jack London’s “The Scarlet Plague”, Earth Bides, asnd the “Weird West” tabletop game Deadlands: Hell On Earth. All of which are presented with a loving sense of satire from fans of both genres.
Player choice determines the “Tone” of the game, allowing players to select dialog options that depict Kongor and Sheezon as Heroic, Savage, Mirthful, or Melancholy. This choice of Tone also affects random encounters and events during the game. “Mirthful” choices result in additional comical events during gameplay, while “Savage” choices provide more combat. Players can combine tones for a more nuanced experience.



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