Miss Congeniality

I passed down my “Miss Congeniality” crown in this year’s Miss Subway’s pageant. The NY Times covered the event!

“Last week in Brooklyn, Miss Subways 2019 was crowned with a wreath of plastic rats, troll dolls, and rhinestone unicorns. Revived two years ago to provide some comic relief during the “summer of hell,” the pageant is now open to all gender identities and seems to be based on sheer chutzpah…” Continue reading in the NY Times.


Flying High with Cheer New York, at the NYC Pride March

I marched in New York’s Pride March with a cheerleading team”At the stroke of noon on Sunday, June 2, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” boomed out on the corner of 37th Ave. and 89th St. in Queens. It was a sound check for Queens Pride. New York City was just 36 hours into Pride Month, and the first of our Pride marches was under way. My group, a 90-member LGBT cheerleading team, Cheer New York, was warming up in the street, eagerly waiting our turn to march. This was our first parade of the year but, within a week, we had also marched in the Brooklyn Pride parade, and some of us had traveled to Philadelphia for Philly Pride, to march with a sister team of LGBT cheerleaders. Ultimately, we would lead a 200-member coalition of cheerleaders from 10 cities, for June 30’s NYC Pride March.” Continue Reading at:  www.ChelseaCommunityNews.com.