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Onstage has some nice things to say about my play “Astonishing Adventures“.

The New York Foundation For The Arts discusses my play “Astonishing Adventures” for their Pride Month Spotlight.

I spoke with the Hyrule Hyrulia podcast about my writing, acting, cosplay, and transgender activism.

I moderated two panels at the New York Comic Con in October. One was on the History of Cosplay, and one was about Transgender comic book characters. Here’s an article about the transgender panel.

I moderated a panel on Transgender characters Geek Culture at Flamecon on June 13th.

I spoke with the New York Foundation for the Arts about my play “astonishing Adventures”. Read the interview.

I was on the H.A.M. Radio Podcast talking about “Fallout Lore” and other video games.

The first Theater For Nerds podcast. Hear me, Gyda Arber,Jenn Gunnels and Mac Rogers talk about the intersection of video games and live theater.

I presented a couple of talks at the Games For Change Festival on April 22nd. See videos of them below:

Dungeons & Drama: Gamifying Theater

Press XY Presents: Transgender Issues In Gaming

I discuss Atheism in video games with Polygamer.

Kotaku covers the Fallout Lore webseries that I write.

Hear me discussing modern Adventure Games on the Gamer’s Life Podcast with Jeff J.

I talk about depictions of transgender characters in comic books on the Vodka O’Clock Podcast with Amber Love.

Kotaku praises the Fallout Lore series that I write for

PC Magazine discusses the panel on Transgender Themes In Comic Books that I moderated at the New York Comic Con.

Autostraddle calls this panel their “favorite thing at the entire convention”.

Flavorwire talks about my panel at New York Comic Con.

An article about the panel I moderated at Special Edition NYC, on

A review of my latest play Astonishing Adventures: “Far from your average superhero tale” “A nuanced character study” –

More about Astonishing Adventures: “A super observation made powerful because it flows from the glossy red lips of a man who champions the right to present himself as a woman – Scott Stiffler – Chelsea Now

I wrote two articles for the New York Innovative Theater Awards. One is about why the theatrical community is hesitant to accept Science Fiction theater. The other is about Informal Geek Performance Art like cosplay and online roleplaying.

On June 14th I moderated a panel on transgender comic book characters at New York Comic Con’s Special Edition NYCListen to a podcast of Secret Identities: Transgender Themes in Comic Books on

Another article about my panel at Special Edition NYC. “By far my favorite panel” – Comics Nexus

Read an interview with me about Astonishing Adventures on 

Yet another interview about Astonishing Adventures on Theater In The Now.

I was interviewed by WNYC about the fashion shows at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Cherry Blossom festival.

Metro NY featured me in their recent article about cosplay.

An article about my play That Cute Radioactive Couple in The Brooklyn Paper.

Another article on the same show at

Me and Uncle Yo discussing cosplay, games and theater on We Are The Geek.

An interview with me about cosplay and fashion subcultures on This Peculiar Life NYC.

Inside The Gamers Studio” in which I discuss gaming with Joe Ryan.

Me as Captain America at the New York Comic Con on Fox News: New York News.

More fun as Captain America, with Toni Senecal:

Did you miss my panels at the Penny Arcade Expo? Here is the podcast of the panel I did with the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers.

An interview about my work with Press XY.

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