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Press XY is an organization founded by Game Designer and journalist, Charli Battersby. We presents panels, and discussions on transgender issues in the video game industry. Press XY has presented at the Penny Arcade Expo, and PAX East. Members have also presented talks at events including Games For Change, and the New York Comic Con.

Press XY Presents: Crossplay – Cosplay and Gender Identity at PAX East 2016

Cosplay has had a long journey from its roots as a small subculture to an obligatory part of the convention experience. Some Cosplayers challenge their costuming skills by dressing as characters of the opposite gender, but others use cosplay as serious way to explore gender identity. Join our panel of cosplayers and transgender advocates to learn how gender and cosplay have merged into the phenomenon of “Crossplay”.

Press XY Presents: Help, I think my Wizard is a Transsexual! [PAX East 2013]

What’s the “Right” way to create a transgender character for a video game, and how do you make games more welcoming for transgender gamers? Our panel of transgender game designers and journalists will discuss and debate how Trans characters should be presented in games, and how the gaming industry and community can better address issues of inclusiveness.

[PAX Prime 2012] Replay: Transgender Industry Professionals. New Lives, Old Careers (Panel)

A group of game designers is much more likely to have a transgender person than the general population. Once an unspoken truth among classic game designers, but now an opportunity to openly explore new perspectives in game design. Join a panel of transgender game designers, game critics and activists to see how industry views of transgender people have changed, and learn about the impressive lineage of transgender game makers who’ve been creating classic titles for decades.

[PAX Prime 2012] Press XY to Continue: Transgender Issues in Gaming (Panel)

From major franchises like Street Fighter and Resident Evil to quirky cult games like Nier and Catherine, video games have a long history of transgender characters. Our panel of transgender game designers, writers and fans takes a look at how transgender people are depicted in video games, and where the industry is heading in terms of letting players explore gender roles through games.

PAX East 2012. First Press XY event


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