Flying High with Cheer New York, at the NYC Pride March

I marched in New York’s Pride March with a cheerleading team”At the stroke of noon on Sunday, June 2, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” boomed out on the corner of 37th Ave. and 89th St. in Queens. It was a sound check for Queens Pride. New York City was just 36 hours into Pride Month, and the first of our Pride marches was under way. My group, a 90-member LGBT cheerleading team, Cheer New York, was warming up in the street, eagerly waiting our turn to march. This was our first parade of the year but, within a week, we had also marched in the Brooklyn Pride parade, and some of us had traveled to Philadelphia for Philly Pride, to march with a sister team of LGBT cheerleaders. Ultimately, we would lead a 200-member coalition of cheerleaders from 10 cities, for June 30’s NYC Pride March.” Continue Reading at:

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